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BrokerSure - Bespoke Insurance Solutions

If you are in need of a professional insurance solutions provider, BrokerSure is here to help.

Our services start right at the very beginning... with the insurer partners. By matching our clients to carefully selected underwriters, we get the basic foundations correct first, creating the perfect platform to build on. Insurance is so often about the product, our established panel of experienced insurer partners are aware of this and so are we.

We operate with the purpose of building long term relationships, with both our underwriters and you, our client. With a commitment to providing a rapid, professional and competitive service for your specific insurance needs it makes sense to choose BrokerSure.

A reputation for building cutting edge websites

Add the above into our custom built rating engine and you have a winning combination! Using the latest technologies including Microsoft .Net we have a reputation for building responsive, cutting edge websites which offer our clients a quick and easy method to get set up and selling.

Our team will leverage their extensive and successful experience developed over many years, building some of the largest and most successful brands and portfolios.

With a call centre web interface allowing Brokers to access client details, our aftercare systems gives the ability to make amendments and handle all the day to day handling of policies held in your account easily.

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Simply complete our quick and easy online application form to receive further details or have a quick look over some our clients below for inspiration.