Breakdown Insurance

If you use your vehicle often, breakdown insurance can provide that peace of mind that should you need assistance with your vehicle, someone is there to help. You can compare several breakdown agencies in one place using this comparison engine so give it a try and see what you can save.

What is breakdown insurance

Breakdown cover is a form of insurance that should your vehicle breakdown, such as if the battery dies or you get a puncture, the breakdown company assist so your vehicle isn't left at the side of the road. There are several different cover types, each with its own advantages but include:

  • Roadside assistance - should a vehicle have issues, the breakdown company will send out assistance, this does exclude home addresses unless home assistance is included
  • Vehicle recovery - if the vehicle can't be fixed, the vehicle can be towed home or to a garage
  • Home assistance - offers assistance at your home address
  • Onward travel - if the vehicle can not be repaired at the roadside, this covers the cost of alternative travel arrangements for that particular journey.
  • European cover - most breakdown insurers can offer cover around Europe as well

Its always worth making sure you have the cover needed when taking out insurance and it's no different with breakdown cover, check what is and isn't covered on your potential policy.