Van Insurance

Van insurance does then to cost more then car insurance unfortunately, that's why its soo worth checking to make sure you get a good deal by using a comparison service such as this. Why not give it and try and see if you can save?

What is van insurance

Van insurance is very similar to a car insurance except with potential elements for 'carriage of goods for hire or reward'. With this cover your van insurance will protect against the risk of the goods within your vehicle getting damaged during transit, meaning either your personal possessions or those of your customers will be protected (you can even advise clients that their belongings are insured whilst you transport them).

Policy types are offered as below but all the insurers have differences in cover and its always best to check with your van insurance to make sure what you need is covered.

  • Third party – the most basic levels of cover available. This will protect other drivers should be cause an accident but not your own vehicle.
  • Third party, fire, and theft – based on third party insurance but with the bonus of cover for your vehicle should it be damaged by fire or if stolen.
  • Comprehensive – known as fully-comp, it is the top level of cover and includes the cost of damages to your own car if you are at fault in an accident as well as any third parties.